BALI Catspace: An exceptional catamaran in Hong Kong

One of three new models released by French catamaran brand BALI Catamarans in 2020, the Catspace is the premier smaller model boasting exceptional living space for its size. Asia’s first Catspace is available in Hong Kong from ASIAMARINE and is just waiting for you to take it off on marine adventures!

Unprecedented space!

With 70.4m2 of living quarters, the Catspace is the most spacious 40 foot model on the market (+25%) and is the ideal yacht for those eager to enjoy the Hong Kong waters with family or friends. Whether you want to cook a meal while looking out on the ocean, have a drink or take the sun on the solid foredeck, dine together in the cockpit or on the rear deck or even enjoy the 180 degree view from the flybridge, you’ll find this yacht akin to a floating apartment. It’s also perfect for children who can play safely on its gangways which are free of pulleys and other cumbersome supports – everyone can find their place on the Bali Catspace!

Highly comfortable design

Designed to take 10 to 12 passengers, the Catspace is equipped to provide great comfort to all. Its 265 litre refrigerator, for example, is accessible from the cockpit, meaning that the deck and tween deck need not be cluttered with cool boxes. The kitchen area boasts a gas grill and a plancha is provided in the cupboards while there are also numerous storage areas in the cabins and living spaces to ensure ease of passage. The 4 spacious cabins all have long external windows from which to enjoy scenic views and each has its own bathroom – unprecedented comfort for a 40 foot boat! Finally, this yacht’s major innovation is its opening panel which makes it possible to either shelter the cockpit or, alternatively, open the top in good weather.

Exceptional functionality

Made using light materials for peak performance, the Catspace’s frame is designed to be sturdy. Featuring exceptional ease of water entry with its two tapered bows, it also generates very little drag and seawater projections are minimised thanks to its height on the water. While speed is not its main highlight, Catspace can easily cruise with a good breeze and it’s possible to attach a spinnaker to increase the sail area. Its incredible stability on the water provides passengers with both safety and comfort while its 700 litre water reserve enables passengers to enjoy longer trips out at sea.

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