Eric Noyel (fourth left) and the Asiamarine team

ASIAMARINE Boat Show at Marina Cove

A spectacular fleet of highly innovative ‘transformer’-type boats captivated visitors to the Asiamarine Boat Show at Club Marina Cove in Sai Kung.

Asiamarine displayed each brand’s unique and innovative designs. Some included high-tech drop-down doors and balconies, rotating sofas which could have come straight from a spy movie, plus a few more surprises.


Galeon 510 Sky’s Asia debut

Making its Asia debut was the Galeon 510 Sky, the largest boat on display. The 510 Sky builds on Galeon’s popular 500 Fly by combining a coupe and flybridge into one appealing package, creating a sporty and futuristic look not commonly seen in Asia.

The rotating cockpit sofa

The 510 has a lot of gadgets including a flexible bow area and fully rotating aft cockpit sofa. However, it’s the brand’s signature drop-down sides and the creation of a waterside bar that has become Galeon’s most notable transformer-like feature.

Eric Noyel, founder and CEO of Asiamarine, said: “The Galeon 510 is very appealing to customers. Not only do Galeon come up with appealing concepts but they also make them work. It is one thing to have an idea; it is another thing to have an idea and to execute it well.”

Enjoying the waterside bar

The Frenchman added: “I think for Galeon, ‘Transformers’ are a great way to describe them. So much cleverness in each boat and you keep discovering new features. For the first two months after you get one, you will keep discovering something new every place you look.”

The second Galeon on display was the Galeon 400 Fly or ‘Mini Transformer’ (click for Review), which is the brand’s smallest flybridge model to feature the drop-down sides in the beach mode.

The Bali 4.8 (click for Review), the French builder’s second-biggest model, also has a few exciting tricks up its sleeve. Well-known for its ability to maximise space and comfort, the builder again features its ‘Bali door’. It folds directly into the ceiling in just a few seconds, converting the saloon and aft cockpit into one connected, covered area.


The Bali catamarans at Marina Cove

“Bali catamarans are smart in terms of being like a house on water. They are very easy to maintain and these days there are no better value boats than this. If you want to spend time on a boat in a nice environment, nothing beats a cat or a Bali in particular.” said Eric Noyel, owner of the customised Bali 4.8 on display.

“Bali are really designed for the purpose of venturing the day out to sea. You will never beat the world record of sailing but you will beat the world record of having a nice day on the boat and that is what we aim for.”


With the ‘Bali door’ raised

The other Bali at Marina Cove was the Catspace (click for Review), a 40-footer, which features brand signatures like the retractable cockpit door, plus a fun flybridge accessible by stairways on both starboard and port, and up to 10 berths.


The Nimbus T8 with Tomato Red seating

Also on display was the Nimbus T8, a 26ft speedboat built in Sweden. Although a smaller boat focused on speed and agility for day-to-day activities, the T8 can be bent and ‘transformed’ in more ways than one as a reversible driver’s seat and a mounted retractable table can produce a dining area for five people in three easy movements.

Asiamarine has represented Nimbus since 2021 and one is among its yachts at the 2022 Thailand Charter Week.