GALEON 500 Fly

Highly customizable, with three distinct aft configurations to choose from, the 500 Fly offers flexibility with cockpit arrangements. Choose between a full-sized garage with a sundeck on top, a classic L-shaped sofa and crew cabin setup or the innovative roto-seat option that includes a compact garage. Best of all – all three will let you take full advantage of the unique beach mode that extends the width of the cockpit to a stunning 6 meters by dropping down both the port and starboard sides. Galeon 500 FLY revolutionised the market by introducing solutions previously seen only on high-end, custom designed units. The transformable bow, rotating cockpit area and, most notably, the drop down sides were the highlights noticed by customers and industry professionals alike. Named the European Powerboat of the Year 2016 and recipient of several other accolades including the IBI Boat Builders Award it proved once and for all it belongs in the upper echelon of luxury crafts worldwide.


Length of the hull : 14.44m / 47’4″

Length overall : 16.20m / 53’2″

Beam of the hull : 4.46m / 14’8’’

Beam of the hull Beach Mode : 6m / 19’8’’

Draft max. (canoe body) : 1m / 3’3″

Fuel tank capacity : 2 x 238gal

Water tank capacity : 172gal

Mass of Light Craft Condition : 22,750kg / 50,155lbs

Maximum load : 4,270kg / 9,414lbs

Min. engine (-s) power : 2x423kw / 575hp

Max. engine (-s) power : 2x533kw / 725hp



價錢 (USD)
0 - 10,000,000
0 - 200
1980 - 2019