The Ultimate Corporate Venue in Hong Kong : Vibe Beach Club

If you’re an event planner aspiring to elevate your corporate events to unprecedented levels, then Vibe is your next destination.

Immerse yourself in the tale of creation and elegance from the moment the dream took sail to the recognition. Here, we unveil how Vibe came to be and why it’s the perfect canvas for your next corporate masterpiece.

The Design Process

The making of the corporate venue icon : Vibe in Hong Kong

When the superyacht party catamaran first docked in Hong Kong, our vision was clear: to create a space reminiscent of a trendy beach coast in Mykonos or Ibiza, with an added touch of elegance and flair.

From the ethereal ceiling fixtures to the bespoke crafted cabanas, every piece was thoughtfully infused with the narrative of Vibe. The fabric of each cabanas whispered a comfort and elegance to the guests, while the DJ booth and the main bar area transcend the space of a mere event venue.

Vibe’s Unveiling

Vibe’s launch was just the beginning; it has since charted a course of success that’s seen it host some of the region’s most prestigious events with Louis Vuitton, Omega, Cartier, HSBC, Tatler…. The praise it has received from its guests is a testament to the experience on offer.

The accolades keep coming. In 2023, Vibe proudly claimed the LIV Hospitality Design Award for Best Interior Design – Event Space. It was a testament to the fact that Vibe has succeeded in being more than just another event location. It has become a destination, an experience, and a statement of corporate prowess.

Tailored Corporate Experiences Aboard

For event planners looking to script unparalleled experiences, Vibe offers a spectrum of possibilities.

Be it a distinguished product launch, a high-stakes board meeting, or a gala dinner that unfurls into the southern skies, Vibe adapts and delivers with distinction and poise. The ASIAMARINE charter team, with their wealth of experience, provides tailor-made solutions to ensure every corporate gathering is a cut above the rest.

For those ready to script a corporate event that stands out, setting sail with Vibe is more than an option; it’s a mandate for those who believe in the power of experience. Contact our team at ASIAMARINE to tailor your event that will chart a course towards the horizon of the extraordinary.