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Charter a Yacht


Revel in the ultimate sailing experience with a yacht charter, which offers you all the benefits and facilities of a floating villa. Explore a variety of exciting destinations, while enjoying the utmost luxury, comfort and privacy from your very own yacht charter or rental in Hong Kong.

Each yacht charter offers an unforgettable ambience for our clients’ entertainment and private use alike. When you have a yacht or superyacht charter, almost every aspect of your yachting experience can be tailor-made for a complete five-star experience.

Explore Hong Kong as a privileged elite, overlooking never before seen views of the city from your very own yacht charter. Choose your own course, chase the sun or break away from crowded shores – the choice is all yours.

Venture across Long Ke Beach in Sai Kung; a prized destination with a long stretch of the whitest sand in Hong Kong, while enclaved by clear waters and luscious green hills. Or journey to ‘The Wildest Beach’ in Tai Long Wan, an enormous bay, often labelled as simply ‘magical’.

Secure an unparalleled yacht rental for your next event in Hong Kong and sail the seas in style. Whether you desire a yacht rental for accommodating an intimate group or for a larger group of up to 45 guests and above, we have the ultimate range of yacht and superyacht charters that are sure to please.

Browse the beauty of each boat charter below and plan your dream getaway in Asia today! In addition to Hong Kong, you can also purchase a boat rental with Asia Marine in Phuket, Jakarta, Bali, Manila, Cebu, Ho Chi Minh City and Singapore.

With over 20 years’ experience in the boating industry, Asia Marine is an exclusive dealer of luxury yachts from world-renowned brands. Whether you want to charter a boat in Hong Kong or buy the yacht of your dreams, we are here to assist you. Because at Asia Marine, we pride ourselves on providing the most excellent customer service for all of our clientele.

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To find out more about our yacht charters, or for general enquiries regarding a specific boat rental in Hong Kong, please contact our dedicated team in Hong Kong at +852 2677 7791 or email info@asiamarine.com for general enquiries.

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