The Itinerary


Having access to your own exceptional yacht allows you to explore Hong Kong only known to a privileged elite.

Free to choose your course, to follow the sun or take a break from bustling shores. One can truly explore an individual location without being confined to any particular route or time schedule.

The Wildest Beach – Tai Long Wan

This is a magical placeset in the East Coast of the Sai Kung Peninsula, Tai Long Wan – Big Wave Bay – is a large bay with white sand beaches flanked by rugged headlands. In the backdrop, pristine fields are surrounded by majestic hills.

Beyond the offshore rocky islets, the South China Sea swells at the pace of the onshore winds, revealing turquoise and tropical blue unpolluted waters.

Phuket office - Asiamarine

Long Ke Beach – Sai Kung

It’s a quintessential Sai Kung beach: a long stretch of the whitest sand in Hong Kong lining clear waters enclaved in luscious green hills on all sides.

Silvermine Bay Beach – Lantau Island

Lantau is a very chilled out and kid-friendly option boasting excellent water quality and clean quiet beaches.