23 RZX

LENGTH: 23 ft | BALLAST: 1860 kg

20 RZX

LENGTH: 20 ft | BALLAST: 1360 kg

22 RZX

LENGTH: 22 ft | BALLAST: 1724 kg

21 ZX

LENGTH: 21 ft | BALLAST: 1406 kg

23 ZX

LENGTH: 23 ft | BALLAST: 1792 kg

25 ZX

LENGTH: 25 ft | BALLAST: 2132 kg


LENGTH: 23 ft | BALLAST: 1701 kg

Brand new innovative wakesurfing boats. Now available in Hong Kong.

As wakesurfing rises in popularity in Hong Kong, even surpassing wakeboarding – a similar, yet fundamentally different sport – surfing boat manufacturers have taken the opportunity to modify, refine, and upgrade their boat designs. Unlike wakeboarding, wakesurfing requires a particular set of features, such as a different engine placement and hull shape, alongside innovative and advanced equipment to provide an enjoyable, safe, and unforgettable wakesurfing experience.

The main difference between wakesurfing and wakeboarding is that with wakesurfing, you aren’t permanently attached to the boat via a rope. Wakeboarding gained popularity thanks to being an invigorating and fun sport in which you travel at high speeds across the water behind a boat. Wakesurfing is typically a slower – but by no means easier – sport in which you surf in the waves made by the boat’s engines. This provides surfers in Hong Kong with much easier and guaranteed access to surfable waves, provided the boat is designed correctly.

The design of the boat

The design of wakesurfing boats differs from wakeboarding boats in that there is a greater emphasis on your safety. Rather than jutting out of the back of the boat, the propellers are located on the bottom – safely out of reach of anyone in the water.

In addition to this, boats with a convex V-shaped hull ride deeper in the water, creating a bigger and more surfable wave. This is different from boats with flatter hulls that might be better for water skiing, for example.

Depending on the model of the boat, there is ample storage and a luxurious cockpit with plenty of space to move around in. There is also plenty of ballast weight on the boat for extra security without sacrificing any storage space.

Driving a new era of yachts and water sports boats in Hong Kong

Since its establishment, ASIAMARINE has focused on yacht rental, sales, and management. More than 20 years of experience and presence across Hong Kong and Asia, ASIAMARINE is at the forefront of the yachting industry.

In addition to luxury yachts, ASIAMARINE is now introducing new types of wakesurfing boats to provide watersport enthusiasts in Hong Kong with more exciting and safe options to take them into the water.

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