Lady Lorraine, the sailboat of your dreams in Hong Kong

Lady Lorraine 是香港水域中最大的帆船,为你提供与朋友与家人扬帆出海的独特体验。欢迎探索这艘非凡游船,在暖和的月份为自己缔造难忘假期。

A comfortable sailboat

Lady Lorraine 是一艘 30 米長的雙桅帆船,配備 4 間豪華客艙,完美融合傳統航海和輕鬆舒適的在港住宿體驗。帆船在白天可容納最多 35 人,方便舉辦專業活動或公司旅行,而在晚上則可容納8位客人過夜,非常適合慶祝生日或蜜月等重要活動。

Exclusive crew and services

With 5 crew members experienced in navigating the waters of Hong Kong, you are guaranteed a relaxing onboard experience. As soon as the winds permit, we will hoist the sails and allow you to relive a traditional maritime experience and enjoy this magnificent boat to the fullest. Drinks and meals are served on board, according to your preferences: champagne or French wine, as well as grilled meat or seafood prepared on the barbecue, which can be enjoyed in a secluded cove after a good swim. Your stay will be customised according to your tastes, desires and preferences.

Personalised activities

During anchorages, you may explore the nearby islands and beaches with a kayak or enjoy using the floating mattresses, trampolines and fishing rods. October to November is the peak fishing season in Hong Kong, with squid, sea bass, grouper and bonito available to catch. Spend a pleasurable day fishing with friends, then enjoy the evening breeze on deck or stay warm in the onshore dining room. Why not visit a coastal village for a meal prepared by the locals, or explore one of the uninhabited islands during a short hike?

Book your stay

Whether you are interested in inviting clients or arranging a corporate trip, organising your own family excursion or travelling with your friends, Lady Lorraine awaits for the voyage of your choice in Hong Kong. The routes are entirely customisable, which is ideal if you would like to change plans and surprise your guests. Therefore, let yourself be tempted!

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